Stop the spread and be prepared

Stop the spread and be prepared30 Nov 2021

With case numbers rising, and the likely easing of restrictions, we’ve had lots of patients ask what they can do to be prepared for COVID. We’re not into scaremongering but there are a few sensible things you can do…

– Firstly, get vaccinated if you’re not already.

– Do your best to avoid contracting it. Hygiene is your next best line of defence after vaccination. Wear a mask, wash your hands, use hand sanitiser when out in public, and keep your distance – but you know all that already! – Think about what essentials you would need if you were suddenly required to isolate. Can you get groceries delivered to your home? Would you need anything for pets or animals?

– Take stock of your home medical supplies. Electrolytes are great in case you experience gastro symptoms (this can be as simple as having a sports drink in the cupboard). A thermometer is a handy tool that many people will have somewhere in their homes already. And if you’re really worried, or have particular immuno concerns, a pulse oximeter will help measure heart rate and blood oxygen saturation

– they start at around $30. – Consider who you would keep in contact with if you were ill or isolating at home. This is especially important for those living alone. Make a plan for who you will call, or who will check in on you, in addition to the health services.

Here’s hoping you don’t need any of this advice and enjoy and happy, healthy summer! We’re online 24/7 if you need us.