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Helping people just got easier.

With customer relationships built over many years, it's no surprise that kiwis turn to their local pharmacist when illness and injury strike. But it can be frustrating for pharmacists and patients alike when the treatment needed requires a doctor's oversight or prescribed medication.

Enter Emergency Consult - a video consultation service delivered by senior emergency medicine physicians – that allows you to provide an end-to-end solution within your pharmacy. Your customers can simply chat with an experienced, NZ-qualified emergency doctor online on-the-spot in your pharmacy.

No Appointments or Delay

Avoid spending hours in A&E or waiting for a GP appointment.


No Apps or Downloads

Easy access on any phone or device with camera.


No Enrolment Forms

User stays enrolled with their regular GP or PHO.


Get Sorted On-the-Spot

If your customers requires a prescription or referral they no longer need struggle to get a GP's appointment or endure a lengthy wait at an urgent care clinic. Enable them to video chat with our docs on-the-spot and we’ll send any prescriptions required straight over.


Clear Up Any Doubt

Oftentimes a pharmacist will know exactly what their client needs but other times the diagnosis may require doctor oversight. Let us remove that uncertainty. A quick video chat with a senior ED doctor will put you and your customer on the right track. Referrals, medical certificates, scripts, and investigations will be taken care of as appropriate.


We're Local Too

All our Emergency Department Specialists are locally qualified and have worked within the complexities of the New Zealand health system. We understand time efficiency and understand your need to get back to work quicker.


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With a scalable network of Emergency Medicine Specialists (FACEM) working remotely we’re in a unique position to support pharmacies across Aotearoa. If your in-store team could benefit from expert oversight or easy access to emergency physicians please complete the form.