Preparing for home isolation

Preparing for home isolation7 Mar 2022

Positive case numbers are still climbing and if you, or someone in your household, tests positive fr COVID-19 then all of you must isolate for 7-days (isolation period reduced from 10 to 7 days from 12 March). If you haven't done so already, please take the time to consider what you'll need if/when you're required to isolate.

- Medical supplies and your regular medication
Ensure you have basic medical supplies like paracetamol, lozenges, a thermometer as well as stock of your regular medications.

- Make a plan and form a support network
Write down your emergency contacts. Think about what you’ll read or watch for entertainment and make, if applicable, make sure you have whatever files or online accesses you need to work from home. Do you have neighbours, friends or family nearby you can call on to drop off supplies if it becomes necessary?

- Stock of hygiene supplies
Ensure you have facemasks, hand sanitiser, soap and gloves. Consider how/if you are going to self-isolate individually within the household.

- Supply of food, water and essentials
Now is not the time to let your water tank run dry. Make sure you have a good supply of food and water or ensure you are able to have them delivered as needed. Do you have enough pet food? If you have livestock, do you have enough feed and is there someone you can call on to care for them if you’re too unwell to do so yourself?

Remember, our doctors are online 24/7 if you need medical advice or reassurance. And you can register in advance (it only takes a minute) to ensure you get connected as quickly as possible if/when you need to video call a doctor.

Pre-register now:

There's more helpful info of the COVID-19 website: